Monday, May 26, 2014

Never lionize Schrödinger's Cat

Everyone has their own personal way of reacting to a piece of numinous prose. Mr. V comes up with a lot of those numinous proses. But I feel we should NOT comment on Mr. V's deep ruminations lest we undermine them with the platitudes of plaudits or criticism. We should just dwell on them and apply them to our individual experience of existence and see what comes of it.

The only appropriate way to handle Mr. V's impassioned assertions is with a pregnant silence as you turn the matter over objectively in your mind. The slightest iota of rhetorical applause or condemnation (especially on public fora) can jeopardise the impact or outcome of a potent maxim. Never lionize Schrödinger's cat!

1). If the assertion hold true, we'll have attained a priceless Truth for free;
2). If it doesn't, we'll know that either Mr. V has been experiencing something authentic, unique but non-transmittable or that he is, disingenuously or deludedly, propagating a fabricated paradigm.

Only the first scenario is worth pursuing.

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