Tuesday, February 28, 2012

High, flying fish

My fingers start to bleed
as I thump prayer into these keys.
I ignore the pain and tell it
I'm sorry, I don't mean to offend it
but I'll turn right round the bend and mend it
as soon as I encircle my own sweet muscle.
I need to get on with my tussle
with my mind; so now, I need to suckle
so I can hope, one day, to stop sucking knuckle.

When the rouge trickles down
calloused digital mandibles, it drowns
all the vanity and insanity,
bringing truth to reality,
reinstating precious gravity.
When two and two start making four
not cos the elder fraternity told you so,
but because you've come to know
that you can control the way the river flows.
You can set it in motion,
And you can merge it with the ocean
and then drink the mixture up like magic potion;
let it soothe your veins like lotion
Just hold on to this notion.

Great birds know they need all the seed they can stock
So they throw caution to the wind and just feed round the clock.
When the aviators fly, they cry;
so their fledglings open wide
and they swallow all their pride.
Birdbrains are deceptive.
They trick you with their perspective,
forcing you to be receptive
to their ideas, sans contraceptive.
We know we're dwarfed by your gigantic wings,
and our voice sounds gravelly like when a crow sings,
but we're biding our time and counting our things
and once we've organised our nests and smoothed our chinks,
we'll find ourselves at the place where the rainbow brings.
So don't you dare stop short.
Please reconsider if you intend to abort.
Flap those arms like you're fleeing from Voldemort.
If you're panting, think of it as a sport
You're on hole no. 17, or at a tennis court.
Pump that blood. Feel your water. You never need ask for more.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Freak of a nature

With an eye on the sun,
the ostrich sneaks out
of its cranial shyness.
You're no tortoise, my giraffe.
Stick it out.
Reach for the dangling carrot
while it still hangs
in the balance.

My royal highness,
would you like a refill?
I'm here for the morning rain
like I never was parched.
Let's wreak some havoc
and then curl up into it.
We'll sneak back in
when everyone's watching.
And the applause will be
a sideshow just for us.

Get up at dawn,
but stifle no yawns.
Rush into focus.
Ease into view.
Wash your own socks,
and go out for a jog.
Tense those new runs
and avail your wiles.

The unsinister watcher twitches
in delight, for it can see
better than anyone else.
Turn your sight inside,
look at your inner sighs.
Your inner size
would dwarf a mammoth.