Thursday, February 2, 2012

Freak of a nature

With an eye on the sun,
the ostrich sneaks out
of its cranial shyness.
You're no tortoise, my giraffe.
Stick it out.
Reach for the dangling carrot
while it still hangs
in the balance.

My royal highness,
would you like a refill?
I'm here for the morning rain
like I never was parched.
Let's wreak some havoc
and then curl up into it.
We'll sneak back in
when everyone's watching.
And the applause will be
a sideshow just for us.

Get up at dawn,
but stifle no yawns.
Rush into focus.
Ease into view.
Wash your own socks,
and go out for a jog.
Tense those new runs
and avail your wiles.

The unsinister watcher twitches
in delight, for it can see
better than anyone else.
Turn your sight inside,
look at your inner sighs.
Your inner size
would dwarf a mammoth.

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