Wednesday, November 28, 2012

God for me

Atheism has to be a false notion. If someone says they are an atheist and purports that they do not believe in the existence of God, they are surely misspeaking or misguided, right? Surely they mean to deny and defy formal religion and the insidious mores of men that seek to indoctrinate, not God per se!

If some young, naive wannabe renegade, impressed by the machismo embodied by atheists, should buy into the malarkey that God does not exist, he should let himself in for a world of pain, desolation, dissolution and fecklessness.

For me, God, incontrovertibly, is. That which gives me power is God. Energy is God; and the universe runs on energy. Ergo, there is God. Booyah.

It only remains to find and employ the means to harness God.


Anonymous said...

Look up Neil Tyson. He's a bit dramatic but he finds his bliss just by admiring nature. Richard Dawkins loves evolution. His documentaries are so beautiful. Creativity does not require a god. Science is the truth, atheists. Atheists have the same morals and in fact are people with high principles in general. You seem like an intelligent person, a person who thinks. Why not try reading what atheists have to say? James Randy, Christopher Hitchens and the like...

PS: I love Sufi music, but not because of what they're singing about. Because of their emotion. Like Parvati Baul.

pbalakrishna said...

an atheist does not believe in a personal God. Even an atheist will not argue with the way you have defined god or if one defines god in any abstract fashion as nature or truth .


Anonymous said...

There are groups of people in this world who have seen and known the one true God. Simple as that. This needs no ambiguity, the creator has established his relationship with his creation for a purpose. I can't help it if it sounds like a fable to you. But its the truth a few thousands (or more) have encountered.