Tuesday, September 6, 2011

When your life is an inexorable situation, in which negativity and powerlessness surround you completely and cannot be shrugged off whatsoever, nor placated, coaxed, pleaded with, or entreated into loosening their vice-like grip on your soul/mind/brain/self, and there appears not the tiniest cranny into which your spirit can slip for some solace or redemption, either of two things must be happening:

* You have been cursed by something/someone malevolent, and all the components of your life are being puppeteered, monitored and regulated constantly into keeping you mired in the state of chronic negativity, or...

* You have a mental disease you'd better get checked out asap if you want to live a life of basic human dignity.

Of course, it is theoretically possible that you have been thrust into a dystopia which is actually a phenomenon/experience whose culmination will liberate you, fulfilling your original, long-obscured life purpose and therefore is good for you.

Rainbows, sweet-smelling daisies, dainty butterflies, fresh-cut grass in the dewy morning, seaside breeze that is redolent of a new book, warm clothing, love, success and good wishes.

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