Thursday, July 8, 2010

Move and shake

Flighty thoughts on the rampage
spell violent words,
and the screen is forced to take cover.
Little balls of wooden courage
frame it back in the picture.

Illuminating squares above
shimmer down on a blatant mind,
and rescue it from its confused stupor.
Mice sway upon yellow dancefloors
too engrossed in the mixture.

Secured words shouted
across the chamber
hold themselves in their respect.
I search for reverence
in my own bowl of cerial.

Delivered keys monitor labels
and scoot them with control
till they are vacated.
Their fall could save
a publishing firm.

Nailed down, the finger pointed at itself,
not knowing whence it came
or went.
Too sharp was the impression
that a loving paratrooper had.

Moving as it pleases,
it confirms its ideas
to the granter of wishes.
Its smooth, hyperbolic swishes
give it love.

Dealing with a content mind
soulless shells feel lame
and impotent.
Stainless steel leaps
for joy.

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