Sunday, January 31, 2010

for whatever reason

Brace warriors to their task
till they can't help but fight.
Their flimsy fear must melt
at the thought of fright.

Threads of barren ground will rise
to fortify the silken skies.
Mists of reason and fog
grow stronger at the stroke of night.

Gospel sounds at the break of dawn.
Fringes catapulted into the fray.
Everyone will come one
and show each other the way.

Hoarse winds will stop screaming
their wisdom to you.
A chinese whisper will suffice
to obscure what is true.

Grow into a chrysalis that fits you.
Fidget while you can,
you will be fixed soon.

Linked laces trip over the shoe.
Starved socks breathe their stench.
Your feet are ever plunged
into the cold.

At every station
the train stops and sighs.
The tracks spelt horror.
But it managed to kill some spies.

Floating its way across the expanse,
the soul searched for an exit.
Scorched and parched,
it deserved what it got.

1 comment:

eddies said...

intense and profound. yus, i see the change.