Tuesday, February 24, 2009


brains are such finnicky characters. they refuse to function unless you oil them and water them and feed them and take them out on regular walks and give them a little treat everytime they do a complex trick and burp them etc. And it's kinda hard to feel generous towards them when u picture them as the gooey, membraney, soya-textured lumps of neurons... not very engendering of a maternal feeling. 

but still if brains have something going for them, it's how good a bully they are. they hold your happiness ransom and threaten ur sanity unless u grant them their grossly unreasonable demands.. ever heard the phrase "who's the brains behind this underhanded scheme of unparralleled notoreity?"? well you can decode its origin quite easily looking at it from my point of view. brains are gangsters that hold your children hostage and want constant attention in ruturn. and if u go complaining about them they take irrational offense and punish your ass further to make sure you understand who's really boss. (psst, i think she's waking up ..   think i heard the unmistakeable sound of unravelling brain folds. she always wakes up whenever you think too much. and this is overflowing with sheer muchness. i'd better stop)

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